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This week on Capitol Report, Rep. Mary Dye, R-Pomeroy talks about three bills she sponsored, including one to provide additional immediate resources for local fire suppression.

Jan. 26, 2016

Lawmakers in Olympia continue efforts to ensure the state is protected following last year's deadly wildfires.

Jan. 19, 2016

Rep. Mary Dye wants to create a local wildland fire response account to help local fire jurisdictions with the cost of fighting fires

Jan. 19, 2016

Rep. Mary Dye talks about legislation that would make state funds more readily available for local jurisdictions at the time a fire breaks

Jan. 19, 2016

Rep. Mary Dye, R-Pomeroy, talks with Capital Report about her primary goals as the 2016 legislative session gets underway.

Jan. 11, 2016

Rep. Mary Dye, R-Pomeroy, spent her first day in Olympia Monday after being sworn in as the 9th District’s newest state representative on Friday.

May 12, 2015