Radio Report: House Republican lawmakers push hard against Democratic plan to tie state energy policy to California and Quebec

House Republicans warn against a Democratic plan that would make it easier to tie portions of the state’s Climate Commitment Act energy policy to programs in California and Canada. Nic Scott reports.

 Radio Report Transcript

SCOTT: Republicans say teaming up with California and Quebec on the sale of credits to companies who pay for emitting large amounts of carbon dioxide would increase the cost of energy prices. Representative Mary Dye, ranking member of the House Environment and Energy Committee, fears Washington consumers will pay a hefty price.

DYE: “Two-point-two billion dollars have been spent so far by our industries into this project and what do we have to show for it? Extraordinarily difficult cost of living increases for every single Washingtonian.”

SCOTT: Representative Peter Abbarno told his colleagues on the House floor Thursday that he has concern for the lack of transparency of the program.

ABBARNO: “The cost of this program has been massively regressive on my community members – your community members and so many – so much so, that over 400,000 Washingtonians signed on to an initiative to repeal this policy.”

SCOTT: The bill returns to the Senate to work out final differences.

Nic Scott, the state Capitol.


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