Rep. Mary Dye selected to serve on Washington State Women’s Commission

Rep. Mary Dye, R-Pomeroy was recently selected to serve on the newly formed Washington State Women’s Commission. An official invitation from the Speaker of the House confirmed the appointment.

“The lives of women are complex,” said Dye. “It’s important to understand that women in rural communities face unique challenges. Economic development is a key factor affecting the well-being of women in our less populated regions. Sometimes those needs are misunderstood. I am pleased the governor is bringing a diversity of viewpoints to the table.”

The Washington State Women’s Commission was created with the passage of House Bill 2759. It consists of nine members appointed by the governor. There are an additional four advisory members from the two major political caucuses two from the Senate and two from the House of Representatives.

“It is imperative we look at the issues that affect women in rural communities at a foundational level,” continued Dye. “We must look at improving things like access to secure employment opportunities for the family, quality health care and superior education. We must provide the tools that are necessary to maintain the family structure.”

Dye’s inclusion on the panel is the second designation she has received in recent months. The legislator was also recently appointed to serve on the House Appropriations Committee.


Washington State House Republican Communications