Rep. Mary Dye receives support for wildfire bill

Legislator: Rep. Mary Dye
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Wildfire suppression has become a top priority in Olympia.  Lawmakers at the statehouse are continuing to look at ways to ensure safety across the state following last year's drought and devastating fires.  One bill that is gaining traction on both sides of the aisle went before the committee in a public hearing Wednesday. Ruth Johnson reports from Olympia.

Johnson:  When it comes to wildfires, the first hours and minutes can be critical.  Mary Dye, a Republican from Pomeroy, wants fire crews to be able to mobilize at the moment of risk.

She is sponsoring House Bill 2596 which would allow for the creation of a special fund that local fire districts can call upon immediately if they have a fire break out that’s larger than what their resources can handle.

Dye: “It expedites resources from the Department of Natural Resources so that they can get a very effective initial attack on those fires.”

Johnson:  Said one person who testified:  “Firefighters deserve to know they can do their job and not wonder if they will financially survive the fire.”

Mary Dye’s bill is now being considered for executive session.

Ruth Johnson, Olympia.


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